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Black Rock City is about 7 square miles. If you overlaid it BRC would cover most of downtown San Francisco. To get around on the rough dirt roads of Black Rock City a good, workable bicycle is vital for transportation.

Don't get left without a bicycle or take a chance on being stuck with an unreliable, junk bike for the Burning Man event. BRC is the one place that you really need a good reliable bike.
Burning Man bikes for sale

At Black Rock Bicycles we provide only quality, stylish Burning Man bicycles with fat tires, a plush saddle and a comfortable upright position - perfect for riding the playa - and they're all assembled and maintained by professional bike mechanics. We still have a limited number of for sale bikes that are currently available especially for the Burning Man Event. We have lights, locks, baskets, bike racks for your car and other bike accessories that you can use on the playa too.

"Black Rock Bicycles - Burners serving Burners since 2004!"
- bikes are available in the store
- if you have any questions please call us 775.972.3336

Thank you and have an awesome Burn!

** Black Rock Bicycles is a private company and not affiliated with Burning Man, Black Rock City or Burning Man LLC.