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We have the best Burning Man bike rentals and for sale bikes!

Why rent a bike from Black Rock Bicycles?

  • Reliability and performance: our rental bike fleet is designed for optimal performance on the playa. These high quality bikes are assembled and maintained by professional bicycle mechanics so that you can count on our bikes to perform flawlessly.
  • Comfort and style: our great looking cruisers run on wide, pneumatic tires for maximum comfort and safety while riding on the bumpy roads and sandy playa of Black Rock City.
  • Guaranteed bike: rest easy knowing that you will be renting a quality bicycle from a reputable bike shop that has been providing bikes to Burners since 2004.
  • Best price: a fabulous selection of awesome bikes at a reasonable price for the entire week. Our bikes start at $100.
  • Re-use: renting a bike is best choice for the environment. The rental bicycle is a resource that comes back from the playa and is cleaned and tuned by our mechanics to return the next year.
  • Decommodification: we support Burning Man's 10 Principles and do not do business on the playa. Let's do our business in town and make sure that Black Rock City stays commercial transaction free.
  • Support a local business. Thanks for supporting a Reno family owned business.
  • Burner owned business. We've been participating at the burn (and repairing bikes for all comers in Black Rock City) since 2005. We support Burning Man culture and give back to the community on and off the playa,
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